Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crochet T-Shirt Mash Up

This week's post is a little bit late! However, as those standards are my own, I'm guessing you will either not notice, or not care even if you did notice... So here we go:

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt front viewUlterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt back view

I worked away all week long on this refashion, based around some inspirational images that I've been collecting via Pinterest. It turned out to be one of the most tricky refashions I have yet attempted.

Floral Cutout Lace Spiced from Keep.comLaura's Loop: Cap Sleeve Lattice Sweater from PurlBee.comMacrame Trim Sweatshirt by Urban Outfitters

The foundation of this project is a white crochet pullover, purchased about 15 years ago from H&M in London. It somehow made it through the innumerable moves, closet purges, size fluctuations, and style shifts of my 20s, stayed with my sister for repair a minute, then sat in a box for the first half of my 30s, and here we are. I sometimes mourn the refashion gems I've given away in the past, not knowing I'd want to Frankenstein them someday. Sigh...

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Refashion

At first I thought I'd use the actual top half as the top half, but once I spliced it (using my lovely new rotary cutter and mat- thanks babe!) and started playing with it, I decided to flip it on its head. The bottom hem detail became a boat neck with just a few shoulder stitches about 2" from the ends, and arm holes were created by simply opening up the side seams.

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Refashion

Next, I chose this lovely (sarcastic) grey t-shirt to serve as the bottom half. Considering the pit stains, a couple of holes, and the twisted, uneven nature of this worn-out softie, in conjunction with my questionable construction technique ideas, I decided to spin this one around too.

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Refashion

My methods for this were totally haphazard. A lot of trying on and taking off~ a dress form is high on my wish list! Eventually, 3 darts in the back of the T were made for fit, but strategically placed because of the holes. Wanting these 2 pieces to fit together, be strong, and lay flat seemed like a hefty challenge for me and my sewing machine. So, I secured them together with iron-on adhesive hem tape instead. Though I lacked confidence that it would, this holds and lays really well. But, being that the crochet weave is so open, it felt a little sticky from the inside, so I interfaced from within to cover and reinforce. Maybe this was overkill...

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt RefashionUlterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Refashion

Since I hacked the side seams to create sleeve openings, the finishing dilemma was what to do about the raw edges. I'm down with a raw look, but pull this thread as you walk away, and the whole thing could easily come undone. Taking some embroidery thread, I bound edges by hand.

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt RefashionUlterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Refashion

I'm not 100% happy with the outcome of that part, but I think it will do its job and not leave me unravelled, lying on the floor! (Yes, I'm trying to make Weezer, Sweater Song references.)

Ulterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Mash Up FrontUlterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Mash Up SideUlterior Alteration Crochet T-Shirt Mash Up Back

I'm not always into the high/low trend, but I like it for this piece. And I did leave the bottom hem of the T raw. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome of this mashed up refashion. I just threw it on with some leggings to get some pics up right away, but I think it has potential to be styled and worn a lot of different ways. (I'll update with a cuter outfit at some point!)

Ulterior Alteration Refashion: Crochet T-Shirt Mash Up

I'd love to know if anyone has ideas of how else this might have been done- especially in regards to those dang sleeves!


  1. That's a gorgeous refashion. I've never thought of using the heat bond.