Altering something, whether simple or surprising, gives me a great sense of satisfaction; but I'd like to improve, branch out, share, and maybe even inspire. There are so many reasons to use ones hands to create, and so many reasons to reuse something rather than trash it. Ulterior Alterations is my attempt to take this hobby of refashioning, sewing, fixing, mending, crafting, making, up-cycling, and general DIY-ing... and grow.

Though I'm on hiatus currently, I hope to make it back... eventually.

The name

I love the sound as well as meaning of the words: Ulterior Alterations. I think the two together embody all that I intend for this venture, with breathing room as well.

To alter is to change, which is essentially what I'm after; and I admit, my primary association with alteration is clothing fit. (I think automatically of millions of shops that hem jeans all day long.) But by fit, I'm talking size, style, personality, budget, creative goal, mood, sensibility, and function- at least. And not just apparel! I aim to tackle all sorts of crafty projects from household items, to accessories, to cooking, to furniture refinishing, and what ever else I can dig my fingers into! Ulterior for me is an alluring adjective that characterizes extension beyond the expected, and is highly underused, don't you think? Exactly what I want this journey to be about.


Me? I'm Vanessa. I live in Austin, TX with my incredible husband and partner in all things. Though I grew up in the Dallas area, I've also called Eureka, Los Angeles, London, and New York home for a spell. I'm less into fashion and trend, and more into personal style, which for me these days is consists primarily of ease and comfort, with a side of fashion, and an occasionally a sprinkle of trend on top. When not doing this UA kinda stuff, I have the pleasure of teaching Music Together at Heartsong Music, a community music program for 0-5 year-olds and their parents. I enjoy music, Bikram Yoga, swimming, sunshine, food, writing, reading, organizing, sleeping in, playing silly games, roller skating, coconuts, and am a Leo.

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