Sunday, May 18, 2014

T-Shirt Refashion with Lace Trim

This concept came from my favorite source: someone else's blog. Trash to Couture, offers truly compelling ideas and inspiration, and if you're a regular on the Pinterest like me, you've undoubtedly run across her work.

Ulterior Alterations: T-Shirt Refashion with Lace Trim Before & After

Though my interpretation varies from the original, the notion is is the same. The steps are simple enough: cut apart sides creating a basic rectangle shape, attach lace to T, sew two sides of lace together, leaving room for arm hole, repeat on the other side.

Admittedly, this project was done a while back, but it is still getting plenty of action in my wardrobe rotation. Just the other day I was wearing it and thought I'd post, share, and let it simmer in my brain to perhaps motivate a new piece...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Refashioned Utility Vest

What you would call this before number? Short sleeved utility tunic jacket thingy? Whatever it is, I loved it pretty intensely, years ago, and have tried it on many times lately. With each attempt to wear, I'd stare in the mirror for a bit, then hang it back up, feeling somehow, something off about it. But recognizing its potential to become a vest- a refashion is the clear solution!

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Before & After

Is it just me, or are these kinds of vests everywhere right now? In stores and DIY blogs like crazy, no? I must admit my pleasure in the color (my fave) of this piece. It is not the typical olive or khaki- which to me makes it trendy, but not overly trendy.

To start this transformation, I got rid of the pocket flaps. The hardware on them was a little too: nipple jewelry! I'm sorry, but it's true! The placement and way they hung was just... they had to go; trust me.

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Pocket Detail

Then the sleeves were removed and re-hemmed. Someday, I'll take the time to learn the proper way to notch and sew curves, but for now, I'm a total wing-er. This step not only immediately makes it a vest, but solved a slight problem as well. The sleeves had always been a tiny bit constricting. You're welcome, arms- be free to move about as you please!

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Sleeve Detail

I could have left it at that. But when I tried it on again, the drop waist aspect was not making me happy. I realized, this is why it originally felt off to me. A drop waist can be great in the right context, but it wasn't making sense for this nor was it flattering. After hemming and hawing about how to tackle that, I chopped about 3 inches out of the middle. Thank you rotary cutter. You are a true friend.

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Chop Detail

Upon sewing the new halves back together, I top stitched just above the belt loops, to match the detail already done below them. I was really nervous about this, having never tried to take length out of the middle of a garment, but I think it turned out alright.

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Waist Detail

For icing, I added a couple of darts in the back to alleviate some of the boxiness. Again, I'm not sure that my technique here is the best, but the desired affect was achieved- I'm learning as I go!

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Dart Detail

So: for exactly $0, I have a new, on trend piece, that is 100% unique, incredibly versatile stylistically, and functionally utilitarian; a welcome addition to my Spring wardrobe. Score. I love refashioning.

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest ClosedUlterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest Open

I'm feeling very inspired after this project... on to the next!

Ulterior Alterations: Refashioned Utility Vest with Maxi

After enjoying a beautiful day in downtown Austin, that is.