Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Bag Fix

Ready for the partner to last week's Makeup Bag Fix? Here she is:

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Fix Before & After

The gold trim was in terrible shape, but I love this bag for a weekender and wanted to find a way for it to be user friendly again. No more fairy dust in my car and all over my clothes all weekend long, thanks. I'm not sure why this happened, nor why it happened to me twice. I guess my selection of cheapie, metallic-painted fabric is the culprit, so I have only myself to blame.

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Fix problem detail

I took quite a bit of time continuing with the corrosion process that had started itself for me. I picked, scraped, and wire-brushed for hours. And hours.

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Fix first attempt

My first cover attempt was with this blue Hawaiian flower style duck tape. While I love mixed prints, and in my head (in the store) this was going to look precious, I hated it. That's when I decided I'd use it for the makeup bag.

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Fix partial

Back at the craft store, I found this blue pin dotted fabric duck tape. YES. This with parts of the natural canvas underneath left uncovered turned out ever so lovely. 

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Duck Tape Fix Complete

As did my weekend at the beach.

Ulterior Alterations: Weekend Bag Fix at the beach

I love you, Josh. Happy anniversary.

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